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NOTICE is hereby given that on Thursday, November 11, 2019, a Public Hearing on the Proposed Budget will be held at the Carson Municipal Building at 7:00 pm. The following is a summary of the Proposed 2020 Budget. The proposed budget in detail is available upon request by calling the clerk at 457-2170.
(Click Here to open Proposal) Public Hearing on Proposed Budget

Notice is hereby given that a special town meeting of the Town of Carson, Portage County, Wisconsin, will be held in the town at the Carson Municipal Building, 3756 County Road M, Stevens Point, Wisconsin on the 11th day of November, 2019 immediately following the completion of the Public Hearing on the proposed 2020 town budge scheduled for 7pm for the following purposes:

1. To consider the adoption of a resolution by the town meeting endorsing a town board resolution which proposes that the town levy exceed the state allowable levy limit under s.66.0602 of Wis. Statues, specifally a proposed tax levy which would exceed the allowable tax levy for 2019 by three percent which would be a dollar increase of $13,108;

2. To approve the 2019 total town tax levy to be collected in 2020 pursuant to s.60.10(1)(a) of Wis. Statutes.

Dated this 22nd day of October, 2019
by Annette M. Stashek, Town Clerk of the Town of Carson

(Note that towns may either post this notice in 3 places (or one physical posting place and a town maintained website) not more than 20 nor less than 15 days before the special town meeing or publish this notice as a Class 2 notice in a qualified newspaper).

Rudolph Volunteer Fire Department Open House / Brat Fry

Portage County 2019 Election Results

Portage County Food Cleanup Guidance
Portage County Health and Human Services is urging local residents to use caution to protect themselves and their families following the weather conditions resulting in recent flooding experienced in our area. Flood water may be contaminated with bacteria or other hazardous substances.

Portage County Seasonal Road Weight Restrictions

Town of Carson Monthly Meeting (2nd Monday of each Month)
Town of Carson Board will meet at the Carson Municipal Building on Monday, Nov 11, 2019 for the Monthly Meeting immediately following the public hearing.

Items to be discussed:
  • Road work.
  • Multiple vouchers.
  • 2020 Budget.
  • PASER Road Plat Map.
  • 2 Year Road Plan.

    Open Book & Board of Review

    Property Tax Notice & Dog License Application

    Mandatory Recycling Program

    Citizens Encouraged to Attend Carson's Monthly Meetings.
    The Town of Carson is always seeking community input on its proposals and operation. Residents of Carson as well as business owners have the opportunity to attend and give feedback on all township activities.

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